Wednesday, December 10, 2008

So Much to Do!

The Twin Cities is such a busy place. In a good way. There's always so much going on, it's hard to decide what to do! I'm glad I didn't miss these things:

Artist Mini-Golf Course. An entire mini-golf course, each hole constructed by different artists, at the Walker this summer. It was amazing, there were a lot of creative materials used. One was a huge pinball machine that you shot your golf ball into by pedaling an exercise bike, all made from materials salvaged from dumpsters. One hole took your ball through a maze of ramps, and you had no idea where it would come out. And, of course, one was completely impossible. Artists.

Wine Stomping. Yes, like in "I Love Lucy," and on Youtube when the lady eats it. I can see why, I definitely recommend holding on to something. I got a shirt that says something about my wine legs, and I got to take home a grapey footprint! Talk about an excellent Christmas present for somebody.

Zombie Pub Crawl. This happens every October. The zombie attendance keeps going up, estimated at just under 2,000 this year! Everyone gets really into the costumes, there's blood everywhere. Just be careful what you say, you don't want to anger a drunk zombie.

Books and Bars. This has quickly become my favorite thing to be a member of. It's a book club that meets once a month in a small theater in the back of a bar. It's put on by a small bookstore in Uptown, and they pick amazing books for each month. I'm guessing over a hundred people were there last night, and the discussion never died.

And this list is only a select few of shindigs that I've been to, and there are tons that I've missed somehow, including a fundraiser where people swim in a freezing lake, a movie on wooden type, lawn bowling on the roof of a bar, Saint Paul Art Crawl, weekly farmer's markets, Oktoberfest, apple picking, tons of live music, etc.

I'm impressed because of the way Minnesotans really get into things. There never seems to be an event that is a complete bust, people here love to get out and get involved. In most cities, that Zombie Pub Crawl would be a total of 10 people getting tons of weird looks all night. But the sense of community here is strong, even though we are in a city, and I have been so impressed with that.


Steve said...

Woah. That mini-golf course sounds insane. I'm quite the mini-golf enthusiast myself. Sounds like a great city/cities. Glad you're happy up there.

Alea said...

WOW! I haven't heard of a lot of these things! You find the best things!

miss lindsey j said...

aw what fun stef. i wanna play!

Command Z said...

You can't fool me with all this "sense of community" hogwash. You just want an excuse to eat brains.

I'm on to you. *squints suspiciously*