Friday, December 5, 2008

A Belated Adieu

I may never have mentioned this to you, but autumn in Minnesota is truly gorgeous. The colors are just absolutely breathtaking. But now it is definitely winter. There's usually a light flurry going on, the cold hurts sometimes, and the sun sets just after 4:30.

Today was the first real snow. I swear there was glitter mixed in with this stuff. It looked exactly like a snowglobe outside. I mean the snow in Lubbock never sparkled like this. This glistening white layer settled over everything, it felt like some kind of fairy tale land. How do I get to Prince Charming's castle?

So I thought I would officially bid adieu to autumn and all of its goodness. It's probably a crime that I didn't blog about it until now. Amazing colors, delicious apples (highly recommend honeycrisp if you are able to find them), and lovely weather. It was fun while it lasted.

(cue photo montage)

Colors are much brighter than they appear.

Alright, winter, show me what you're working with.


Command Z said...

Three blocks down past the Witch's shack, third castle from the left.

miss lindsey j said...

aw gorgeous....we just dont have trees like that in lubbock!! and i have missed ur pictures : (