Monday, July 28, 2008

Taking the Leap

So guess what, folks. I am moving up there. Nope, no job yet. Screw knowing how I'm going to have any income, I'm just going to do it. I have a studio apartment in St. Paul, right near the governor's house, right down the street from Garrison Keillor and a huge beautiful Cathedral. We'll see what happens, eh?

Okay, a bit more info. I've always had the travel bug, and I've always seen myself moving out of Texas as soon as I graduated college. I had always seen myself as a New England kind of girl, but my sights have changed to the Twin Cities. That's right, Minneapolis/St. Paul. Where, you say? Don't I know it's cold up there? Yeah, I realize. But I'm excited.

I researched a bit and the Twin Cities is exactly my kind of town. The theater scene is huge, music is big, it's practically a design mecca, and the average age there is in the early 30's. It's a young, cultured, fun-loving scene, and I think I will fit right in. They call Minneapolis the Mini Apple, as opposed to the Big Apple. It is a lot like New York, only smaller and cleaner and more affordable. And more Scandinavian.

Alright, that's basically it. I wanted to let y'all know I'm doing it, taking the leap. That's right, I still say y'all. I think that's one I'll keep.