Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Small World!

Okay, so I was in an adventurous mood the past week, and for some odd reason, the more random things you do, the more you realize that the world is even smaller than you thought. The story is amazing, and I am going to attempt to tell it. If you get lost, give up there's no hope. Or, if you think you can handle it, start over. :)

It all started almost two weeks ago, Thursday. It was a Cocktails With Creatives night, something the AIGA puts on. One of my friends invited me to go see a local band, the Dollies, later that night, but I went out between then and wore myself out. Never made it.

On Friday night, I was pretty bored and glad the week was done with, so I walked to a little dive bar about a block from my apartment. I sat at the bar and instantly the guys next to me started chatting with me. One of them had previously been a graphic designer, and was also a musician. I told him that I sing and he invited me to this gig he does on Thursday nights (to sing). I wasn't about to do that, but I told him I'd come check it out.

Then Tuesday night is Books and Bars, an event I mentioned in a recent posting. I was a huge fan of it, and decided to introduce myself to the guy who ran it afterward. He was really nice, we talked for a few minutes. He told me more about the event and how it had started, I told him I just moved here, he suggested things to do, etc, then I left and told him I would join the Facebook group, and I'd be there again.

So Thursday rolls around and I go to hear the guy from the dive bar's group play. Of course, I know nobody in the bar, so I take a seat near the band while they warm up. I start chatting with the guys next to me. They're both really cool, they say they're musicians too, and they're playing tomorrow night at Mayslack's. I tell them I'm there! Somewhere along the lines, I mentioned that I had just been to Books and Bars, and one of the guys was like, "Oh, I know him (guy that runs it)." Whaat?! They work together to put on a random musician jam type thing at this guy's music venue that he owns. It sounds really cool, 3 musicians, never met, take turns playing songs each has written. So the others just kind of jam along.

Anyway, so I am good on my word, and turn up at Mayslack's the next night (which is famous for it's beef??). Both of the guys I had met were really great musicians, I will definitely be attending their gigs again. So these girls show up, also friends of these musicians. We get to talking while they're on stage, and it ends up one of them lived in Lubbock for a year! Really?? There were a lot of ironic things going on that night, but they didn't really involve me. The girls ended up knowing a lot of random people from a Halloween party, so they wouldn't recognize them at first. And one of the musicians knew both girls, but separately and didn't know they were good friends, or that they knew his friend. It just kept getting smaller!

Oh, and one of the musicians, I find out, plays bass for the Dollies. And the story comes full circle. For those of you still here, thanks for hanging in there. I just had to share this. The twin cities area is just too large for so much, "I know you," business.

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miss lindsey j said...

hahhahahahahahha. i miss ur stories stef. that was a good one!