Thursday, July 16, 2009

Wherabouts is the Pop, Y'all? Fuhgeddaboudit, Pizza Pie!

My apologies for the absence of posts. I know I have millions of dedicated readers who have been on the edge of their seats just dying to hear from me, and I'm sorry to have neglected you. I'm still here, you are important to me, thank you for holding.

Truth is, I'm moving! (I'm sure you got that right away from the post title.) I got a job in New York, the perfect opportunity for me, so I'm up and moving. Again. I was doing this exact thing almost 12 months ago. Cramming my belongings into my little Scion xD and driving for two days. Only this time, the Big Apple. I just hope New York is as excited as I am!

I hope this news brings a little sparkle to your day, I know it's quite a contrast to the bankruptcy and downsizing that you normally hear about these days. I can't believe this has worked out so well, but it has!! I'm not about to argue with it. So you should no longer come expecting the view from MN. It will soon be coming from Brooklyn, not unlike every other blog. I'll try to keep it interesting.

I will miss Minnesota. I've had quite a crazy stay here. I got to work for one of the most brilliant design entrepreneurs in the business, a great man, in the worst economy possible. I was here for the Republican National Convention, just before we elected our first African American president. It was the worst winter they've had in about 10 years, and we also lived through the "hottest" day in years (nothing compared to Houston). I tried honeycrisp apples, rhubarb, lefse, a Juicy Lucy (thanks Sheraton!), hot dish, cheese curds, fried Snickers on a stick with powdered sugar (had to, State Fair), a Mexican sub sandwich, homemade doughnut pieces (thanks, Josh!), mochi ice cream, oodles of random beers, and delicious homemade root beer. Never durian ice cream, though. Just couldn't do it.

The people are nice, there's tons of things to do, beautiful lakes, great farmer's markets, great music, great art, fun winter sports, extremely talented designers, good food, and to top it off, the Mississippi runs through it all. Great, great, great. I highly recommend a visit to the Twin Cities in your lifetime.