Tuesday, December 16, 2008


I saw this necklace by Fringe Lore on Etsy and fell in love with it (don't get too attached, though, it's gone already). I found it under Steampunk and Noir. Steampunk is sort of the Victorian era meets the industrial revolution meets someone who likes to take things apart. Meets jewelry. I am digging it! I had no idea I was so into punk.

It took me forever to think of something to ask for this Christmas. I need things I can take with me in case Minnesota doesn't work out. (Everyone's getting fired, the competition is fierce!) Lo and behold, two days after I find this necklace, the perfect thing to ask for, it's sold out! Just my luck.

But hey, I am psyched to find this genre of jewelry! There seem to be a lot of steampunk cufflinks that I would like as earrings. I am hoping to see more sellers create more feminine pieces.

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miss lindsey j said...

my dear, do not worry it will all work out how it is suppose to. and LOVE the necklace, so unique!!