Thursday, May 7, 2009

Smashed Pennies

Tonight my random string of clicking on links has been type-based. Which, of course, led me to Marian Bantjes. I can not get enough of her work! This recent project of hers seems like it might be worth the flight cost to Toronto, plus two dollars and a penny. Isn't it the most beautiful smashed penny you've ever seen? (Evidently that's the technical term.)

"So I thought about what one might conceivably want to have on a copper thing that might mingle with your change in your pocket. Ultimately I decided on 'Empathy,' because really that’s all the world needs is a whole lotta empathy, and I imagined that you might look at that Empathy penny from time to time and it might actually influence how you viewed a situation." - Marian Bantjes, via her site

This penny is part of a series of four that were commissioned by Motherbrand (Motherboy? Anyone?) in Toronto. You can check out the others at Penny Smash. Of course, Marian Bantjes' design is by far my favorite. I love her thoughts about it, and the image itself is absolutely beautiful.

Thank you, Toronto. Finally, someone is putting something besides historic scenes and zoo animals on smashed pennies! Those types of images do make for a nice souvenir every now and then, but it's great to have the option of smashing a penny with substance.

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carina said...

Here, here I love the idea of making art out of these. Great post!