Saturday, May 23, 2009

The Results Are In

This past week, Good 50x70 (the contest I entered on the late end) posted their decision of "shortlisted posters," mine not included. Oh well, c'est la vie.

As it ends up, it was not an easy choice. The contest had 4,210 entries this year! It's so exciting to see so many designers across the world contribute to these causes. There are a lot of great concepts in the shortlist, and a lot of posters that would really stop you in your tracks. This type of propaganda will make a difference.

Climate Change: "Don't let it go up in smoke!" Caflisch Notta, Switzerland

Healthcare Deprivation: "Just Another Number" Dawn Houser, United States

Nuclear Emergency: "Russian Roulette 2" Ahmet Erdogan, Turkey

To learn more about the different causes Good 50x70 artists stand for, see even more inspiring posters, and keep up with progress and events, visit the Good 50x70 website. Bookmark it, while you're there. And spread the word.

P.S. I realized that I never did post my entry. For those of you that have been curious, here it is.

My thought was that implementing nuclear energy as a solution to our energy problem would make it way too accessible to terrorists. At a time when so many people are trying to do harm and the threat levels are always at orange, I do not see experimenting with such deadly substances as a wise decision. I have since added a paragraph of text to better explain the cause. What is shown is the copy that was sent to Good.


kd-m said...

Your poster is rad, good job! I'm glad you decided to take a stab at it, unlike the rest of us lazy-losers!

miss lindsey j said...

agree with katie! u do-gooder you!