Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Me and Myself

Alright, so I know that my work doesn't belong on here with the greats of the art and design community, but I was kind of proud of my little post-it self portrait I drew tonight. It's my first attempt at life drawing since Drawing I & II. What do ya think, any resemblance?

I joke now, but I was once not too shabby in the portrait arena. Back in the day. In fact, one of my self-portraits ended up being my first piece to win a spot in a juried show. I'm not gonna lie, I was extremely excited! Freshman didn't get into this show. Ever. I really didn't think I had a chance. For this reason, I highly recommend entering anything and everything, even if you are doubting yourself. Don't let your second-guessing get in the way. Just go for it!

Temptation, by Stefanie Pepping The image shown has been very roughly pieced together from photographs of the original, but I actually kind of like it this way. Actual drawing is much, much bigger than a post-it.

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miss lindsey j said...

fun stef!!

we should all draw more, i miss it.