Thursday, April 9, 2009

I'm an Idiot.

For those of you who have followed from the beginning, with the bathroom incident, you probably have a good idea of my luck. For those of you who just met me, you should know I'm rather accident-prone. Bad things happen. But they always make for good stories later!

Well, this week's shenanigans come with a lesson, so I thought I would pass it on. I can sum it up for you right now. You don't even have to sit through the entire story. When you decide to enter a contest, and are researching requirements, you want to be fully aware of the time zone being used. That way, when the due date/time comes, you'll know. And, my friend, that is a good thing to know.

I know my readers are all brilliant, so you've probably guessed it by now. I missed the deadline for Good 50x70. I went to the website this week, and there was an update saying that the deadline was extended to (what I thought was) midnight April 10. I was so excited! I had been so busy that I thought I had missed it. Well, I threw together a poster, and got some feedback from good friends. Everything was looking pretty good.

Then Illustrator went haywire. Won't even open. I had no way of editing. Luckily, I did make a jpeg version earlier on. Of course, it is minus all of the improvements I had made, but it's something.

I get home at 8:00, and figure I have plenty of time to submit. I go to the website to get it over with, and it says submission is closed! "You have missed the deadline by two hours." Really. At 8:00 on April 9th? Then it hits me. Time zones! Merde! Two hours ago, somewhere in the world, it was midnight, the morning of April 10th. Leave it to the selfish American to think everything is in her time zone.

So when things go bad for me, they really go bad. The Adobe Gods and Father Time against me! I just couldn't win. I guess Massimo will never know. Lesson learned.


Miss Pepping said...

Thank God for a lovely person named Tommaso. They may still accept my entry.

miss lindsey j said...

aw i hope it works out! cant wait to see the final project!

Mits said...

I want to see!

kd-m said...

oh man! I was so bummed reading this but yay for Tammaso! I want to see the final tooo!