Tuesday, April 14, 2009


I absolutely could not believe it when Adobe came out with CS4. I had just bought CS3 only a few months before, which as we know is not the most budget-friendly purchase. Every time I turn around, they've done it again!

However, after reading a review for CS4 Photoshop and Illustrator, and I'm thinking the purchase might very well be worth it. If nothing else, just because Illustrator now allows multiple art boards! That's right, the review says it allows for up to 100. You know what that means. Sooo much less time wasted switching back and forth between Illustrator and InDesign. Now you can design and manipulate type and images in the same program you organize it all in! Sounds like heaven.

If I'm going to upgrade, now would be the time. After April 30th, the upgrade will be $200 more expensive. Plus there's a really good deal for AIGA members at Adobe that only lasts through May. I would be able to get an extra twenty percent off! But I'm still apprehensive.

Have any of you been working with Adobe CS4? Do you have a feel for the ups and downs? Do you think it's worth it to upgrade from CS3? Are there any compatibility issues, like what happened between CS2 and CS3? Is Illustrator fairly easy to use with a multi-page document, or do you miss organizational qualities of InDesign? Any thoughts? I would love to know.

(P.S. Speaking of great deals, have you checked out CSA Images lately? To keep site traffic and interest up, we're offering some of our images for free! Of course, I believe there are a few restrictions, but this is something that is definitely worth checking out.)

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