Sunday, March 1, 2009


So lately I've been loving collections of shorts. Short films, short stories, etc. I usually find something I like, and if one in the bunch ends up being a waste of time, it was only a waste of minutes as opposed to hours or days. Shorts can be just the right dose of a good thing. One of my favorite places to find short stories is The Moth, a podcast available for free on iTunes.

The Moth began over ten years ago as a story-telling event between friends at someone's apartment. Evidently, word spread and The Moth became quite popular, but the premise is the same. People get up on stage and tell true stories from their life, without notes.

The storytellers range from famous to diamond-in-the-rough types, and the stories vary just as much, but are always interesting. One person told of when he was working on the Clinton administration and disaster struck. Another was an adventurous older woman willing to try just about anything to cure her back. You really don't know what you're going to hear, but it's always a nice dose of reality. Not like reality TV, the good kind. The reality of someone's life, of something that has happened to them that is worth telling. Mine would involve a Hummer.

Basically, you should check it out. It is so great to hear these people open up. I will leave y'all with a sweet quote from a story about a very awkward little girl who spent most of her time growing up in her mother's beauty shop in Dallas, TX:

"Well I like teasin'. Your mama's teasin' my hair right now. In fact, if it weren't for teasin', my hair would be flat as a pancake!"
- from "Green Bean Queen," by Faye Lane


Steve said...

Short things are fun. A few months ago I was thinking about short stories, films, etc. and I thought I should start writing short songs. Little 30 second to 1 minute songs with verses and a chorus and everything. It never really took, but maybe your post has inspired me.

Command Z said...

This is one of many podcasts I listen to regularly at work. Turns out, if you accumulate enough shorts they become a pretty good sized long.

Maggie May said...

wow this is a cool project!

i like your blog:)