Sunday, March 22, 2009

You're Invited!

One of the things I am loving about Minnesota, as I have mentioned, is the multitude of events. The active lifestyle. This month, it's been lectures at the Walker. A series of design lectures, to be specific. We've already seen Process Type Foundry, local heroes responsible for the Facebook type among other things, and David Reinfurt.

This week's speaker is someone I just had to share with you. It's the one people don't want to miss - tickets have been sold out for weeks now. The speaker I am so excited to see this week is - (insert long, suspenseful pause) - Experimental Jetset! You may be familiar with their posters for the movie Helvetica, or their design for the blu-ray version (shown below, along with other inspiring examples of their work).

Helvetica Leterpress Poster, limited edition of 100

Helvetica Blu-ray Packaging, record album size

Invitation to 'Architectures Typographiques' exhibition at Galerie Anatome

Graphic Identity for Reunion des Musees Nationaux

No, I did not post this just to gloat. If you live elsewhere, or for some reason missed out on tickets, you are not out of luck, my friend. The Walker is holding live webcasts for each lecture, which will also be stored in the archives for later viewing. Feel free to listen in this Tuesday at 7! (This week and next week, when the amazing Ellen Lupton will be speaking.)

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kd-m said...

You, darling, are such a giver! I've been running out of Moth episodes and This American Life... (a very frightening thought indeed!) ... thinking I needed some design-y podcasts and you've answered my prayers! Thanks for sharing!!!