Monday, February 23, 2009

Shoes for the Better

Is it really possible that a small shoe company is doing the single most admirable thing I have ever seen? Oh yes, friend, it is. I have known of TOMS Shoes for a few years now, and I am so glad to see that they are still thriving. Their mission is ridiculously inspiring. For every single pair of shoes you buy, they provide a pair of shoes for a child in need. For every single pair of shoes purchased. And this is no limited time offer. This is what the company stands for. It's sooo simple, and so very effective.

This is what TOMS Shoes basically look like. Very comfy, very casual. They come in different colors, patterns, and fabrics. There's canvas, suede, burlap, corduoroy, etc. There are even vegan options.

I've known TOMS like this for a while, now - a more casual look, nothing too crazy, maybe a splash of color. So what really drove me to post about them today was a shocking new addition to their selection: Glitter TOMS. I think it is just hilarious that they have these options now! Pretty much amazing. My favorites have to be the red and silver. Not that I could pull them off. But I might have to try.

So let's be honest. This is something that we're probably not quite ready to spend much on. Understandable. But keep TOMS Shoes in mind, and spread the word. I really like what they're doing.

I know, another "greater good" post. What can I say, when I find things like this, I get excited. I like to share. Oh, I almost forgot! TOMS also makes a great wrap boot. One of my favorite designs of theirs. I know, perfect timing. Did the groundhog see his shadow? More winter, anyone? What am I saying.

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Command Z said...

What have shoeless children ever done for ME?