Wednesday, January 21, 2009

How to Make a Button

Buttons are very in. Really, I've been getting endless compliments on these covered buttons on some of my tops. I have been thinking about incorporating them into some of my books that I make. I was so excited to find this amazing tutorial on how buttons are made. I thought I would share the process with my fellow craftspeople. Take the time to watch this, I promise you will love it.

Mine had been turning out all wonky. I think what I was doing wrong was not letting them ferborize long enough. Thank you, Miranda July.


Command Z said...'re welcome for showing you how to embed video. Good grief.

Miss Pepping said...

Yeah, I owe you.

miss lindsey j said...

thaaaanks alot stefanie. lol misty and i were all intently watching the video, all excited about button making and wondering what ferborizing was....haha

Miss Pepping said...

Hahaha You are very welcome. :)