Thursday, November 20, 2008

New Logo?

Lindsay's beautiful blog, My Design Voice, reminded me that I really need to make a brand for my freelance business. I was thinking about it, and this just came to me. Very rough sketch, cut out and taped together, but I think it'll work when I'm done. (Give me a break with the squiggly lines, ballpoint pens are ruthless!)

Pep was too short and over-used by everyone else in the world, and since my name is spelled like this anyway, I thought representing it this way would help it stand out. And the backwards 3 as the E really works with 3 P's! Am I right? Maybe not. Thoughts?


kd-m said...

I'm digging the heavy type with the serifs! nice and solid..good for a letterhead!

sadly, i don't have a fun name to play with. that and i was having an identity crisis when paper city was born that's how it came to be actually, i wasn't yet Katie McNamara – so it felt too weird and Katie Decker was going to be outdated soon. (i seriously had a hard time with this, changing my name was very difficult & scary.)

you might want to think about that (if you may ever want to change your name, that is) before you brand yourself based on your last name.

I know designers that were too established with their maiden names and didn't change which is great...but then they had kids & it brought up more problems – and they ended up changing 10 years down the road.

We found a happy medium with bumping my last name up and dropping my middle so I use Decker a lot professionally but to avoid the clunky-ness of hyphenating all of the time it's technically my middle name...which i like.

(this maybe more than you cared to know...but way to get started on the new logo! I can't wait to see the end of it)

ps- i responded you your comment about this american life on my blog...btw.

miss lindsey j said...

aw stef, love it. u have a great name to play with!!

and good point by katie....

Miss Pepping said...

Yes, good point by Katie. Never really thought of that issue. Goood point.