Sunday, November 2, 2008

Happy Halloween to All!

Isn't Halloween amazing?? I mean, it's one big night of performance art. I love seeing what people come up with to dress up as. I, myself, have come up with some doozies in the past. I'm sure many of you remember the old bachelor cake costume (girl-popping-out-of-cake thing). I've also been a Sanderson sister, a Moulin Rouge dancer, and a big baby in recent years.

This year was a bit last-minute, but I was still pretty proud of my costume. I went as (drum roll, please) Minnie Mouse. And I was freaking adorable, thank you. :) I made about half of the costume, and put bits and pieces together. I never like buying the store-made costumes, I feel like they're never done quite right. This way's much better. I mean look at those hands!!

I saw quite a few amazing costumes this weekend. One kid was one of those awesome home-made robots with boxes spray-painted silver and foil and pipes and weird buttons to push. (I don't think my run-on description quite does it justice.) When I went out later on, I also saw Thing One and Thing Two, Sushi, Peter Griffin, the Pope, Beeker (sp?) and his partner, the entire Simpson family, and a Walrus. Kind of amazing. And one of my friends had the brilliant idea to rent her costume from the Guthrie! It was one of those goth Victorian dresses with a corset on top and tons of velvet fabric and lace. Absolutely gorgeous! And what a good idea.

What about you guys? What did you go as? And what were the top 5 costumes you were so fortunate to witness? I'd love to hear!

BTW: If you're looking for a good laugh, read this personal ad on Craigslist. What can I say, I get a kick out of going through these things every now and then. There are some pretty freaking hilarious entries. Once I found one where the guy's pic was a professional photo of him and a girl (I'm guessing his ex) with her head cut out. LOL! Bitter much? This is a personal ad, remember.

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