Friday, May 23, 2008


I was lucky enough to get some freelance work while I am in Sugar Land. A friend of the family contacted me to design some logos and a mousepad for his clients. I am so grateful for the work, and it is always good to get experience, but prepare yourself for a short rant.

The client wanted a gradient. They want a logo with 3-D Times New Roman or something boring. With gradients all over it, of course. I think they think it looks professional. I see dated. They're lawyers. They would probably win the argument.

On top of that, the Extrude & Bevel option in my Illustrator wasn't working right, so I did every gradient on that thing myself. And it looks damn good for being so ugly, thank you.

Did I mention there's a star? There's a star. Because we live in Texas.

I am terrible, I shouldn't be ranting about this. This is what I do, I give the client what they want. Even if I disagree. Can I help it if I disagree?

This is an age-old problem for designers. We know what we're talking about when it comes to design - most of us have studied or practiced it for years - yet rarely does the client really take full advantage of our design sense.

I think I'll allow myself this rant. Just this once. I swear. :)

I may be lying.

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Mits said...

Miss Pep, you need to display this glorious gradient artwork! ; ) well maybe just a snippet of it... we don’t cause a legal uproar.