Tuesday, May 18, 2010

More Scandinavia, Yes Please!!

In true American fashion, I am a pure mutt. If I took a genetics test, the results would probably say, "One at a time, please!"* My ancestry has a crazy mix - English, French, Native American, Irish, German, and Swedish. (- and Texan, if you ask my sister. Who just graduated. And thinks Texas is a country.) As you can imagine, I have a difficult time getting in touch with my background. It comes little by little, one bit at a time.

Living in Minneapolis really put me closer to my Scandinavian roots. Though I was inspired by being amongst a more Scandinavian population and design community, a lot of it came from my family in MN, who are Swedish through and through. I've come to really enjoy my Swedish heritage - so much so that I find myself craving more!

I love the way that the contemporary Scandinavian aesthetic oscillates between kitsch and minimalism, and can incorporate both almost effortlessly. Even in the most modern spaces, there always seems to be a sense of tradition and/or folklore. These amazing images from "True Scandinavian," an upcoming book by the fabulous Swedish photographer Pia Ulin, illustrate this balance perfectly. My holy grail.

I would also like to recommend flipping through the other gorgeous books found on Pia's site: "A Room of One's Own," "Countryhouses," and "Knit Improvisations." Thank you to via manelli for pointing me in her direction.

*adapted from a "yo momma" joke, circa 1992

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Dani said...

love these interiors. very inspiring.