Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Come On In

This weekend, I was so lucky as to have a friend visiting from Minneapolis. We went on an art walk in DUMBO, the neighborhood I work in, and grabbed dinner in Soho. It may not have been the best for my cold, but it was totally worth it, really great to see her.

She kept asking about my apartment and made me promise to post pics - especially after I told her my friend Katie says it looks like it's straight out of a Wes Anderson film (think Royal Tenenbaums). I know there are others of you out there that might be curious as well. So here's a glimpse at the new residence.

The entrance hall is really my favorite part about the place. Fan-freaking-tastic. Huge fan of the green and orange wallpaper.

I'm not gonna lie, the inside is still lacking. Amazing architecture and nuances, but still deep in transition. I'm still posting photos of the living room and kitchen. Just keep in mind that I moved in with a girl who's new as well, and a guy who's been living here for 2 years already - trying to find common decor ground and use what's already there. Not as easy as it might sound.

No, the TV doesn't work. Nor does the chandelier, nor the lamp in the corner. None of my own posters are really up yet. Like I said, long way to go. But can you see the potential here? I really wish I could just get rid of all of the junk and go to town on this place. I'll let y'all know if it ever comes together.

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Joanna O. said...

It's beautiful, Stef! Love the round trim on the cabinets and especially the wallpaper. Lucky girl! You'll definitely have to post more pics of your New York adventures.